WordPress Vs. Tumblr: Two Powerful Blogging Platforms Compared

After using Tumblr for many years, I decided my site needed more features and functionality, so I decided to move my blog to another platform. I knew I had several blogging platforms to choose from but many of my friends recommended WordPress as the best option for me. I wondered if it was going to be difficult for me to understand how to install it on my server, and how to use it afterwards. I read a couple of tutorials and there were many new words that confused me at first. However, I decided to try it anyway since the great features and all its pros seemed to outweigh the cons. My first experience was a little confusing to say the least. I had never used an FTP program before, I had no idea what PHP was or why I had to use MySQL. But once I understood how those worked, everything was easier.

Once WordPress was installed, I downloaded the plugins that were going to provide the functionality I was looking for. I wanted people to be able to vote on the posts I published. I couldn’t do it on Tumblr, but on WordPress it was just a matter of getting the right plugin and configure it the way I wanted. I had to deal with many errors I didn’t even think existed. Many of those were database related but they weren’t hard to solve. Once those were out of the way, my site was ready and had all the new features I wanted. It felt so good once everything was in place, I went from not knowing what WordPress was, to finally being able to customize it exactly how I desired. Looking back, I think it doesn’t even compare to Tumblr.

Tumblr is great because of the community and how fast something you post can be viewed by millions. But when you want your blog to do something that is not on the list of Tumblr’s features you’re out of luck. What I love about WordPress is the wonderful community behind it. Everyone is so helpful and you can constantly find new plugins and new themes that are available to download for free. Whenever I have a problem I just visit WordPress’ forum and post my question. Within minutes, a very helpful member of the community responds and tries to solve my problem. So far this has happened all the time, maybe I’ve been really lucky but I can’t appreciate it enough. If you’re thinking about moving away from Tumblr to WordPress, don’t waste any time, just do it.

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