Will Books Be Replaced By E-Books?


Book readers have a special connection with real books. Maybe it’s the smell, the pleasant feeling of turning the page, or the weight of the book while holding it on their hands. Whatever it is, it can’t easily be replaced by an electronic book. Or that’s what most people think. E-books seem to be taking over the market and today there are more people who prefer to read a book on their iPads or electronic device, than those who actually prefer to own the real thing. If you’re a reader who’s obsessed about new titles, it makes sense. Buying so many books will take a lot of space in your house, while the electronic versions can easily be archived in your tablet. Kids also seem to prefer the digital versions, since they can come with animated drawings and cartoons that contribute to making the stories more interesting.

There’s something unique about books that will never be able to be replaced, no matter how good the digital versions are. But no matter how much nostalgia a real book can make you experience, it seems like in the future everything will be digital. Perhaps we’ll still be able to buy special printed editions of books, but those will only be available during special occasions. In a way, this will benefit the authors who will be able to make more money from the digital editions of their work. Authors usually receive around 70% of their revenue when they write a book and publish it through Amazon, but if they do it on paper, publishing companies would only give them around a 15% cut of what they wrote. It seems really unfair when you see it from this perspective.

People who love books are experiencing the same devastating feeling of sadness vinyl lovers once experienced too. I used to love vinyls and when new formats were introduced, I thought they would never catch up. “Cassettes? They are never going to replace the awesome feeling you get from touching and playing a vinyl.” Well, guess what, it only took a few year for those discs to completely disappear. Right now, CDs are going through the same phase as they’re getting replaced by digital downloads. It seems that in the future, everything will be digital which is actually more practical and easy to handle, but the nostalgia will be gone. Maybe the new generations won’t care at all, but there’s no doubt that the tender feeling of holding a real book in our hands will always be in our hearts.

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