Why WebMD Will Always Diagnose You With Cancer

Since the website was created, WebMD has been a useful tool that will predict your condition based on a series of symptoms that you choose from a list. The problem is, many people has reported that no matter the symptoms, the answer always seems to be cancer. Doctor don’t like the website, since their patients keep telling them they’re absolutely sure about their condition since they’ve already found their diagnosis on the web. I personally had the same experience. After choosing all my symptoms I was told I had cancer. I visited the doctor and told him about it, he said to me many patients had done the same but I shouldn’t arrive to any conclusions until a proper medical exam was performed.

In the end, I found out that I actually did not have cancer. But the question was in my mind “Why does WebMD arrives to the same conclusion almost all the time?” After a little investigation I noticed that there’s nothing wrong with the service and the way it diagnoses different symptoms. I guess the problem here is, cancer shares a lot of common symptoms with other common conditions people experience every day. It’s difficult for a website to do a correct diagnosis based on minimal information, so it does it best at predicting what condition you may be suffering from while still advising you to go and see your doctor for a more accurate result.

It’s OK to use WebMD to get an approximation of what you may have, but when it comes to something as important as your health, you should always go see a certified professional that can perform the correct medical exams. When the symptoms are alarming, it’s always best to see more than one doctor in order to arrive to the proper diagnosis. Don’t worry about cancer if you’re being told about it on the Internet, those are usually wrong. As they always say, the sooner you visit the doctor, the quicker you’ll find what’s wrong with you. This will always give your doctor better chances to treat your condition. Stay healthy.

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