Why They Keep Making Movies About Steve Jobs


In case you didn’t know, a new movie about Steve Jobs’ life is about to be released later this year. It wasn’t that long that we enjoyed Ashton Kutcher’s performance who pretty much nailed his role of Steve Jobs. In that occasion, his dear friend Steve Wozniak was played by Josh Gad who also did a magnificent job. Well, it seems that Hollywood wasn’t convinced people had enough of the story and only two years later, they decided to release a new movie about the very same story. This time, Steve Jobs is being portrayed by Michael Fassbender and according to Wozniak himself, this time the movie is showing the whole story the way it really happened. I remember seeing a very good movie about Jobs a few years ago. The name of that masterpiece is Pirates of Silicon Valley and it centered about the relationship between Jobs and Bill Gates.

I think the release of the new movie is not a bad move at all. For most people, it doesn’t matter that a similar movie was released a few years ago, they want to see more of the life of an iconic man who despite all the odds against him and all the problems he had to overcome, he was able to success in the best way possible. Also, the fact that he wasn’t the most humble person in the industry makes his persona even more interesting. In my experience, I’ve noticed that even those who claim to hate Steve Jobs take the time to read about his products and see his company announcements. It’s like no matter how much they dislike Apple, they still have to be informed about everything the company does. Maybe this is the kind of reaction Steve was looking from those who weren’t interested in his products.

No matter how much you hated Steve Jobs, there’s no doubt his life was incredibly interesting. He was able to build an empire from nothing and his marketing skills are unique and unmatched. Whenever he wanted to achieve a goal, he would obsess about it until it materialized and became a reality. After watching the trailer of the new movie, I can sincerely say that I’m more interested in this film that I was in Ashton Kutcher’s movie. Although I recognize he did a great job playing Steve, I think some aspects of his life were not really shown in the movie. I hope the new film shows the complete story and who Steve Jobs really was. There are many rumors circulating about the last years of his life and how stubborn he was with his health, I would love to see the real story behind all the rumors.

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