Why Some Youtubers Make It Big While Others Don’t


You’ve probably noticed that some people has managed to make a living making Youtube videos from their home. Although the idea of making money creating videos sounded a little crazy a few years ago, today it’s a reality that many have managed to take advantage of in a big way. Today, there are many ‘Youtubers’ who are making some serious money from their videos. Every single Youtube user who has created an account dreams with the possibility of making it big but not everyone succeeds. So why is it that some Youtubers are lucky enough to be followed by millions of users while other Youtubers have been struggling for years and their subscriber count continues to be relatively the same? Is it luck? Is it the website that benefits some users while it ignores others?

The answer is simple and it’s all about you. If you invest time creating videos and the result is creative material that people will be interested to see, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ll be successful. When Youtube started, it was all about vloging. People would sit in front of the camera to talk about their day, their relationships, their life struggles. Today doing this is not enough, since most people is really tired of seeing someone talk about their problems in front of the camera. I remember when ‘lonelygirl15′ was the best thing Youtube had to offer. Everyone was obsessed with her and other girls were really envious about her popularity. In the end, it resulted to be an actress who was put there by two producers. It might have been disappointing but that didn’t change the fact that it was so entertaining while the illusion lasted.

Youtube has changed a lot now and the people who has found success in the platform is not reduced to just one way of making videos. There are those who make life hacks, those who give beauty advice, those who make comedy sketches, those who comment about current events, those who capture their daily life. Among these categories, you will find very successful Youtubers who have managed to live from their channels. These are all people who are committed, they take it very seriously and they have a special charm that is appreciated by their viewers. Being someone who others find interesting is not something that you can obtain, you either have it or you don’t. If you’re planning on making it big on Youtube, you better start right now. No matter what it is that you want to show the world, be persistent and don’t give up. In the end, those who are the most tenacious at what they do, are the ones who will persevere.

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