Why Snapchat Is Going To Be One Of The Biggest Social Networks In The Next 5 Years


Snapchat has taken the world by storm. Ever since it was introduced, back when sending pictures that got instantly deleted was its biggest feature, people adopted the social network and it became one of those apps you just need to have in your phone. Snapchat went viral when it allowed anyone to make drawings to their pictures. People started to show their artistic side even going as far as making galleries with drawings made using the app. But I guess Snapchat’s biggest improvement was the inclusion of video stories. I had no idea I was going to become addicted to other people stories when I first downloaded the app. Nowadays I find myself checking it constantly to see if one of my contacts has added any updates to their stories.

Although Snapchat has currently millions of users, many haven’t heard of it yet. Their growth has been impressive, and they keep adding new users every day. Other companies have tried to buy the app for large sums of money but they have been unsuccessful. One of those companies was Facebook, when they noticed that Snapchat not only was huge but they were becoming bigger and bigger every day, they made an offer. At the moment they Facebook thought their offer was aggressive and they had good chances of completing the deal. But Snapchat said no, they were sure their product was going to become even more popular in the future. And they weren’t wrong, Snapchat has now more than 200 million users and that number is quickly rising.

Facebook tried to compete with Snapchat by launching their own app, Poke. In order to make it popular, they made a big deal about it when it was launched. Unfortunately for Facebook, the release of Poke only helped Snapchat become more popular. After a few weeks, Poke started to decline in popularity inside the Apple store, while Snapchat was even more popular than before. One of the reasons people preferred Snapchat instead of Poke is because the app is nothing like Facebook. While at the start Snapchat was big among teenagers and young adults, its popularity is starting to reach other age groups that are financially more attractive. No matter what people think about Snapchat, it’s clear the app has a bright future ahead of it.

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