Walking On Mars Will Be Easier Than Previously Thought


Since the Apollo missions and the Moon landing in the 60s, the next obvious step in space exploration was getting to Mars. It wasn’t an easy challenge, NASA can attest how hard it is to make it safely to the moon, Mars being so much far away from our planet makes things even more complicated. But somehow many years passed and NASA never materialized the idea of visiting Mars. There were budgets problems, other more important issues the government had to deal with, and people started to lose interest in space exploration. We’re now in 2015 and NASA still doesn’t have any plans of visiting Mars, there are many other project they’re working on that they consider more important. Luckily, others are trying to make our visit to Mars a reality.

You may have heard about Mars One , which is a one-way mission that is currently planned for 2026. The final goal is to establish a human settlement on the surface of Mars. They have been relentlessly trying to get investors on board to make the big trip a reality. Unfortunately, there have been dealing with many obstacles that have made it difficult for the project to be successful. Crowdfunding campaigns organized by Mars One haven’t reached their goal, the big deal they had with Television giant Endemol fell apart after they didn’t manage to get to an agreement. Mars One needs the funding badly, the kind of technology they’re dealing with is expensive and things can go seriously wrong. Space is not something that easily attracts investors, they know how easy and quickly they can lose their money.

One man who has shown lots of interest in Mars is Elon Musk, a successful entrepreneur who started his own company SpaceX in hopes of one day being able to walk on Mars. So far, he’s doing good. Although many of his missions failed, his company is still strong, it has made a deal with NASA and other international space giants to provide its innovative services. His brilliant idea of building rockets that can be reused after their lunch has proved to be problematic but successful. I have no doubts Elon Musk will be able to visit Mars one day, but it’s difficult to predict an approximate date. Even the man himself had to rethink his own predictions after realizing visiting Mars is not as easy as he previously thought. Let’s hope one day his dream becomes true and humanity becomes an interplanetary species.

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