The Reason Vine Is Becoming A Powerful Social Media Platform


When I first heard about Vine, I had no idea what it was about. I was told it was a new app that allowed you to create very short videos that you could later share with your friends inside the app, or post them to your Twitter or Facebook account. I wasn’t very interested, after all, it would only allow you to record 6 second videos and that wasn’t long enough to actually share a moment on video, or so I thought. I was quite surprised to discover that the app became very popular just months after it was released. Everyone kept talking about how fun it was to use and how funny were some of the ‘vines’ that the users were posting. I had to download it and try it for myself, see what all the fuzz was about. After I download it, I immediately checked the ‘popular’ section, where all the short videos with the most likes are posted.

I remember I just couldn’t stop laughing. Somehow, people had found a creative way to tell a story in just 6 seconds and it was just comedy gold. Apparently you could make a vine about anything but the most popular ones were about comedy, music and normal everyday situations. I was immediately hooked and even though each video is only 6 seconds long, I would spend a long time trying to watch them all. I also noticed that there were a group of people that had the most followers and those people kept collaborating together, maybe to increase their following. It was definitely a surprise to find out that the most famous ‘viners’ were making a lot of money because of the app. The big brands had noticed that Vine was being used by millions everyday and it seems like the perfect platform to showcase their products.

I think it was only a few months until I started seeing some viners promoting different products. I thought it was good for them to earn a few extra dollars for their efforts but when I actually checked the amount of money they were making for each paid vine I couldn’t believe it. Some of them were charging $8.000 dollars for a six second video that promoted a specific product. And prices went up as the artist kept on amassing more followers. A network that was focused on putting viners in contact with the brands was immediately born. It was an obvious move that already exists on Youtube. I have no idea what the future of Vine holds, but their growth has never stopped and it only seems to be getting bigger each day. I think the main reason behind such exponential growth is the fact that everyone wants to be quickly entertained and six seconds sounds like the perfect amount.

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