The Reason Touchscreens On A Computer Will Never Take Over


When Windows 8 was released, it was clear Microsoft wanted to change the way we use our computers. The operative system allows you to use your fingers to move things around directly from the screen without the need of a keyboard or a mouse. On theory, it sounds like a very good idea. Let’s say you want to move a file from the desktop to a folder. Instead of using a device to move a little arrow, click on the file you want to move, keep the button pressed while you drag the file, move the little arrow to the folder and finally release the button, you can actually just put your finger over the file, drag it and release it on the folder. It it supposed to make things easier and avoid all the complicated steps we usually have to take using the mouse.

But let me tell you about my personal experience. I bought a computer that had a touchscreen monitor and included Windows 8. At first, I was surprised by how good the touchscreen was. It was responsive, fast and would allow me to do everything faster. But after using it for a few days I started to realize why touchscreens will never actually take over. When you have to keep your arm up for longer periods of time, you start to develop something called ‘gorilla arm.’ I had no idea this was a thing, but after I investigated further I noticed that there were many cases of gorilla arm experienced by people who used touchscreens every day. Basically, my arm started to feel very tired because I was constantly keeping it extended so I could reach my screen.

It got to the point where it was really uncomfortable to use my computer, I would stop using the touchscreen and just continue to use the mouse. Another problem that I found was the screen itself after you touch it too many times. There’s a lot of grease that accumulates and you start having problems seeing everything that’s behind the glass. You have to keep a cloth to constantly clean your screen and remove all the grease. It’s basically the same thing that happens with our phone, but whenever my phone’s screen gets dirty, I just clean it using my pants. It’s not that easy when you have a big monitor. After almost a month of using my touchscreen, I decided to stop using its ‘touch’ features and I went back to use the mouse and keyboard. Though they may still be used in the future by many, I don’t think they will ever take over.

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