The New Ant-Man Movie: My Thoughts After Watching It

When I was told that Marvel was about to invest a big chunk of money in a risky movie, I thought “Well, that’s what they have been doing so far.” I mean, they have been doing so well with their films in the last few years, it’s OK for them to try new things. Many thought ‘Guardians of the galaxy’ was risky enough, but then Marvel decided to announce that they were going to make an Ant-Man movie. I had no idea who the character was, so I decided to investigate and figure out what was Marvel’s plan. As soon as I read the comic I thought it was going to be impossible to be a movie that is entertaining based on a character that changes sizes all the time and hangs out with ants. Then I saw test footage that was completely rendered in 3D and that completely changed my mind.

Somehow, they were able to make the action scenes very entertaining. Those camera zooms that follow the hero are beyond amazing and if they managed to capture the essence of the character and tell a compelling story at the same time, they had a winner.

This week was Ant-Man’s premiere and I went to the movie theater to see what it was like. I can’t tell you how good that movie is. Everyone inside the theater was having a good time, kids absolutely loved it and adults were captivated by the glorious cinematography. What can I say? It’s a Marvel movie, it’s entertaining, it follows the Marvel universe and when it’s over, I wanted to see more. There was not a single moment throughout the whole movie where I felt bored, it’s just too good. If you haven’t seen it yet got watch it, it’s definitely worth it.

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