The Last Pluto Mission Made Me Realize We’re Going To Mars Soon

After seeing the latest images of Pluto released by NASA, I came to the realization that a mission to Mars may not be as far away as we think. After the landing on the moon in the 60s, I was expecting the US government to come up with new missions to explore space even further. But apparently winning the space race against the Russians was enough and after the Apollo missions, NASA decided it was enough. And it’s like people don’t even care if we keep exploring space, it’s definitely not considered a priority. Scientists have warned us many times about the dangers of staying in one planet. The Earth has been repeatedly hit by meteorites in the past and some of the impacts were catastrophic.

We should keep this in mind and try to expand our possibilities in the case the unthinkable happens. Elon Musk is one man that has realized this could actually take the whole human civilization off guard and he’s not going to wait until it happens. By then, it will be too late to do anything. That’s why Elon has decided to start his space company, SpaceX in order to start a colony in Mars that someday could be the start of the expansion of our civilization into other planets. The man himself has said he wants to be buried in Mars. Since so far he’s been very successful in his endeavors, I think he will succeed and thanks to his efforts, we’ll be able to colonize the planet faster than if we waited for NASA to come up with its own mission.

We shouldn’t blame NASA for this, though. They’ve been very helpful with SpaceX, which means they are not trying to compete with private companies. Going to Mars sounds crazy right now, but one day it will be possible thanks to the effort of the people who are actively working on it today. I can’t wait to visit Mars, I hope they come up with commercial flights so that anyone can visit the planet. I really hope we are the generation that makes interplanetary travel a real possibility, I don’t want to die before I visit another planet. Going to space has been one of my dreams ever since I was a little kid.

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