The Future Of The Internet: How The Web Is Going To Be In 100 Years

Ever since it was invented, the Internet has evolved surprisingly fast. Every year on the Internet resembles 10 years in the real world. But sometimes I wonder what the web is going to be like 100 years from now. Are we going to be using computers to access the Internet like we do today? Are new devices going to be invented that will allows to surf the web without the use of a PC like tables and phones do today? Since the very start, people seem to be more and more connected to the Internet in various ways. I remember being a little kids, turning on my computer and connecting to the web using my very old 14.4kb modem that made a lot of noise and wouldn’t allow anyone to use the phone while I was connected.


Now things are faster, downloading a high definition movie takes only a few minutes and it’s possible to video chat with hundreds of people at the same time. When I think about the Internet of the future, I don’t think about computers, in fact, I think the user of personal computers will decrease dramatically. People is going to get used to have Internet access from every corner of their house. Nowadays, if you buy a TV that was recently released, you can enjoy from immediate access to the web. Watching a Youtube video, checking the weather from a widget, or looking at the latest trending topics on Twitter is very easy while you’re still watching your favorite TV program. And it sees clear that in the future, other home appliances will also be integrated with the Internet to make it easy for everyone to be informed at all times.

I think that everyone will still be accessing the World Wide Web from a personal device, like we do today with out phones, but other devices will also be used like watches and glasses. Recording your entire day with your glasses’ camera will become something common that everyone does. Imagine if someone tells you their number but you couldn’t write it down at the moment and you don’t remember what that number was. It’s going to be a matter of rewinding your day until that specific moment and being able to see that person telling you their number again. And what if the audio of our entire day was transformed into text? Then we would be able to search for a specific word and get the information we want for there. The future of the Internet looks really promising.

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