The Future Of Electronic Music


Although music has been constantly evolving for thousands of years, it has somehow managed to keep its beautiful structure and melodic existence. But with the discovery of new technologies in the past years, music has been experiencing quite the transformation. Most melodies we hear on the radio these days, have been made using an electronic device and most sounds are no longer produced by a real instrument, but by a computer or a synthesizer. Since these new sounds are quite familiar to the human ear, most people has accepted them as natural. This new type of music has also led to the creation of new music genres that make an extensive use of electronic sounds in their melodies. A hundred years ago, no one expected music to change as much as it did during our current generation. If my grandfather would have heard what ‘techno Chicago’ sounds like, he would have thought it was made hitting an old can with a stick.

This leads to the eternal discussion of whether some modern electronic genres are real music or not. Many will claim that electronic music in its purest form should not actually be considered real music. While the younger generation will assure that electronic melodies are not just real music, but they’re actually the future of it and it’s a sample of what we’re going to be hearing in the coming years. It’s true that pop music has taken the reign and it’s by far the most popular genre these days. Pop makes extensive use of electronic music, if you turn on the radio, you’ll notice that there are very few pop songs that use traditional instruments. And even those artists that still use them, make sure to modify their original sound in a recording studio in order to improve the quality of the resulting track.

There is no doubt electronic music has been extremely successful and new artists who dedicate their career to electronic music emerge every day. New genres of electronic music keep being created while others disappear, but that’s just how music works and how it’s been working for the past centuries. Is electronic music going to disappear completely? I seriously doubt that, the use of computers to produce and modify sounds has given artists more control over their work. It makes them more creative and happy with the results they obtain. Traditional instruments are not going anywhere anytime soon, they’re still going to be popular and artists will still use them for their live performances. But electronic music is here to improve the way music is produced and to enhance the overall musical experience of the average listener.

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