Starting Your Own Website Is Not Hard, It Only Takes A Few Steps

When people ask me if starting your own website is hard, I usually tell them “Well, it depends.” The days of opening a Geocities account and using the tools to add gifs that blinked are long gone. Nowadays, if you want to start your site there are many tools that make the whole process very simple. Let’s say you want to be a blogger. Well, using sites like or, it’s easy to have your own blog up and running in a few minutes. But if you’re serious about having your own site, then the process gets a little more complex, but it’s still not really that difficult. If you want to have a blog but you want your own domain, you can still register an account with Blogger or and choose to pay for your own domain name.

It will allow you to have your own e-mail address, something like: But if you decide to have a site with specific functionalities, then the best thing is to host your own site with a hosting company. You’re probably thinking, “But, how do I start?” If you want your site to be up and running quick, you should choose whether you’re going to use a blogging platform like or Drupal, or if you’re going to code your own site. If you have no knowledge about any of this, I recommend you start with WordPress. Download the software from their site and then use an FTP program to upload all the files to your server. WordPress has a guide that will let you know what to do to have your site working in a short period of time.

After the files are uploaded and the software is installed, it is easy to customize the blog in any way you like. That’s the power of WordPress, there is already a big community of developers who is actively coming up with new plugins that can make your blog have some powerful features. For example, if you want your site to be a photo gallery of your favorite photographs, there is a plugin that can make it really easy to upload all the pictures you’ve taken in a matter of seconds, so you can then see them posted on your site. Let’s say you’re a musician and you want to use the site to show your work, there are plugins that will use an audio player so your visitors can instantly hear everything you upload. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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