Should I Use Windows Or Mac OS?

When people ask me what operating system they should use, it’s always hard to give them a straight answer. The first thing I do is ask them “What are you going to use your computer for?” The answer is always the same “To browse the Internet.” In that case, it doesn’t really matter what operating system you use. Windows or Mac OS will be exactly the same thing, since all you’re going to use is an Internet browser and a Wi-Fi connection. But if you need it for work, then that’s different. If you’re going to be editing family videos so you can then upload them to Youtube, I would recommend you to get an Apple computer. Although you may not even need a computer for such a task. These days, there are many apps that are capable of editing video and can do it in a few seconds from a tablet.

Windows has been getting better at being friendly to those people who have no idea how to use a computer. For those who are using a computer for the first time, it used to be that Apple computers would be more intuitive and easier to use. Windows used to be a little bit more complex and required basic knowledge of how to use an operative system in order to accomplish any task. But now with the latest version of Windows 10, and the inclusion of new applications, things got a lot easier. Ultimately, I guess it’s a matter of personal preference. You should sit down in front of a computer that has Windows installed and use it for a few minutes, then do the same in front of an Apple computer.

After experiencing each OS, it’s easier to decide which one you felt more comfortable with. In my case, I have no preference. I have more than one computer and I use both operating systems every day. When it comes to editing music, I prefer to use my iMac, but if I have to use software like Office, then I prefer to use it on Windows. I know that I can still use it on my Mac but somehow it feels easier to use under Windows. I guess nothing beats personal preference, no matter how many benefits you can come up with when it comes to use one OS over the other, after a person uses and experiences it by themselves, they’ll tell you what they want to use.

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