Should I Use Firefox, Chrome, Safari Or Internet Explorer?


The simple answer: use Chrome. “But why?” Well, there are many reasons why Chrome is overall superior to its competitors. This wasn’t always the case but lately there have been many improvements that have put it in the number one spot. I used to be a Firefox fan when I first started to browse the web. I knew about the existence of Internet Explorer since it was the only browser my computer had installed but I wasn’t convinced by its performance. Safari was an option too but it didn’t have all the features I needed. When Chrome was released and I used it for the first time, I noticed it was the fastest of them all. I continued to use Firefox since I preferred the interface and the ease of use. I noticed that Chrome would have very few buttons when compared to other browsers, it was very simple.

Everything changed when I started to use Firefox for work reasons. Since I needed to load more than 100 tabs at the time, Firefox would crash unexpectedly and I lost all my work. Worst of all, the performance was quite awful when many tabs were open at the same time. After struggling with Firefox for a long time, I decided to do my work on Chrome. I would still use Firefox for fun, since I still loved it. As time passed, I found myself getting used to Chrome and all its wonderful functionalities. Going back to Firefox started to seem unnecessary. Why bother if I could do it faster on Chrome? That’s when my personal use of Firefox started to decrease and I unknowingly moved to Chrome. It was faster, more responsive and had all the features I needed at the moment.

Plus all the extensions were pretty cool and easy to use. Chrome has been accused of consuming too much memory and I’ve found that is sometimes true. I also experience the not-so-rare unexpected crash that closes all my tabs and makes me start all over again. But even with all the bugs it still has, I still consider it the best. I’ve tried going back to Firefox on many occasions but after opening the same amount of tabs I usually open on Chrome, Firefox immediately complains and the performance is seriously affected. I just can’t use it, it’s too slow for me. Internet Explorer and Safari are good alternative but they don’t compare to Chrome yet. If you are undecided about what browser you should use, give Chrome a try, you won’t regret it.

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