Should Governments Ban Uber From Every City?

Ever since Uber was announced there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the app and its practices. You’ve probably heard about the many protests that have been organized by taxi drivers in major cities of the world. They’re feeling threatened by the growth of Uber, after all it’s undertandable, the app is taking a big chunk of their business and it sees it’s going to affect them even further in the future. They have repeatedly asked governments to ban the use of Uber or regulate its drivers so they adhere to the rules every taxi driver has to follow. But so far politicians have not been able to get to an agreement to regulate the app so it’s fair for everyone. After what I saw what taxis did in Paris, I didn’t feel like supporting them anymore. Have you seen the video where one of the taxi drivers throws a big rock at a car because he thought it was an Uber car?

That was just completely uncalled for and the person who did that should be apprehended. When it comes to the actual experience, I have to say Uber wins. When you enter a taxi, the conditions inside the car are not always the best. Sometimes the drivers are rude and their driving skill could be a little unsafe. Uber drivers actually compete to provide a good experience and make the trip enjoyable. So far I’ve had nothing but good experiences when using Uber, I can’t say the same when it comes to taxis. I think the topic that is debated the most here is the fact that uber drivers are being considered independent contractors instead of actual employees.

That is a very controversial topic that still has no solution. I’m impressed by Uber’s business growth, usually governments put a stop to technological advances they do not understand in order to analyze all the information first and then rule on what’s best for everyone. Uber competitors are also growing steadily, as they try to take market share away from Uber. Since the company announced that they’re going to order driver-less cars from Tesla, it’s easy to see where they’re going to be headed. In the future, if everything goes well for their enterprise, it’s fair to say we’re no longer going to see their cars being driven by people. The future will be full of cars being driven by computers, humans will no longer be needed for such a simple task.

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