Should Germany Stop Helping Greece?

Today I was asked a question by a 9-year-old kid who was reading the newspaper. After looking contemplative for a while, he asked me “Do you think Germany should stop helping Greece?” That question took me by surprise, I wasn’t expecting such a young child to ask such a mature question. Since the topic has been having so much coverage on TV, it’s possible he heard news reporters talking about Germany and its complicated relationship with Greece. I answered, “What do you think? Should they ignore them or do you think they should help them?” He thought about it for a while and then said “If someone needs help, you help them, right?” He had a point there. I just didn’t want to explain a complicated subject and lose his attention, so I kept it very simple for him.

“What if you help someone and that person asks you to help them again, and then again and again? What if you helped them a lot but they keep asking for help? Would you help them then?” He smiled and said “Well, maybe that person needs a lot of help.” I responded, “Yes, that’s exactly what happens with Greece. They need a lot of help right now.” The future of Greece is uncertain, they have many options right now that can take their country in the right direction. So far, they haven’t been taking the proper measures to improve their economical conditions and people is starting to feel the consequences. The next years are not going to be easy for them, there’s nothing that can quickly get them out of trouble.

It’s a shame for the young people in Greece that has just finished college and are trying to find a good job related to their career. Many of them are leaving the country in hopes of finding better opportunities elsewhere. Brain drain is never good for any country, it’s happened before and the consequences become evident after a few years. I’ve been to Greece and it’s such a beautiful country with a marvelous culture. I can personally say that I was impressed by the people’s hospitality, everyone is so polite and they try to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. I really hope they can solve their economical troubles and go back to be the great country they used to be.

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