My New iPhone Vs. My Old Android

When it comes to smart phones, there are so many to choose from at the moment. Someone who doesn’t know much about the latest phone release will feel overwhelmed when trying to buy a new one. And while salesman always try to do their best, it’s not always easy to understand them. Let’s say for example that my mom wants to buy a new smartphone and she goes to the store looking for a salesman that can explain to her what’s her best choice. Someone is going to quickly realize she has no idea about smartphones and that person will probably try to convince her to buy a expensive one. I’m talking from experience. The first time I decided to buy a new phone I found myself so confused, there were so many phones available on the market, most of them looked similar and I had no idea what iOS or Android was. I remember getting an LG phone with a very old version of Android that was very hard to use.

Obviously the phone wasn’t very advanced, every time I wanted to open any app, it would take ages for that app to properly be executed. That’s when I started to do some research to find out if I had actually bought the wrong phone. After reading many online articles about the phone market, I indeed realized that I had bought the wrong phone. I was looking for something quick, something I could use for college assignments that would be perfect for those times I didn’t have my laptop with me.

After figuring out that the best phones on the market were the Samsung S series and the iPhone, I decided to sell my new phone and get one that would actually be useful. I first went for the Samsung S3 and I really liked it. It was fast, it could run all the app that I needed and call quality was superb. I didn’t like the fact that the battery would last for a few hours and then I had to charge it but it wasn’t that bad. I used that phone for an entire year until my best friend bought a new iPhone 5. After using it for a few minutes, I fell in love. All the apps that my Samsung had were also available in the iPhone but somehow they looked better. The screen was a big plus, apparently the retina HD Display does make a big difference. The processor was also enhanced, I instantly noticed that the same apps that I had on my phone, would run a lot faster on the iPhone. Maybe it’s not a fair comparison, the iPhone was newer and Samsung was just about to release the latest version of their model. Anyway, I bought an iPhone. Now I have 2 phones and I used them both for different tasks. One is more dedicated to school and work, while the other is more for entertainment. If you ask which one is better, well it’s not an easy answer. I prefer the iPhone, but Android has been getting better and better and there are apps that you can’t run in iOS. If you’re about to buy a new phone and need to make a choice, go for any of them, you won’t be disappointed.

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