Is Twitter Really Dying Or Is It Just A Myth?

If you’ve been on the web for long enough, you’ve probably heard that Twitter is dying more than once. It’s actually something people say about other social networks too. “Facebook is dead, no one uses it anymore,” “Pinterest was cool once, but now is no longer relevant,” “Twitter is dying, people has stopped using it.” People usually claim certain social network is about to perish based on personal views and what their friends tell them but what really matters when discussing the demise of a certain service, is the numbers. Twitter has proven year after year that they’re far from being dead. They may not have the same success as Facebook does, nor their incredibly user base numbers, but their service is far from being dead.

When Twitter was launched, the creator had one brilliant idea in mind. He thought people needed to express their thoughts and feelings but they had no time to write a blog post or create a new entry on their favorite website. So he came up with a service that would allow anyone to write a quick message and let their friends instantly know about it. That idea turned out to be very well received, no matter how many social networks are launched these days, many still prefer to use Twitter as their main social network. Unlike Facebook, where you are encouraged to take care of your privacy and carefully choose who can see your photos, videos and overall content, Twitter is supposed to be used as a public platform where everyone can see what you post.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still possible to have a private account on Twitter so only you and the friends or contacts you choose can see what you share, but that’s not the way most people use it. It’s also less personal. Facebook has been encouraging its users to use their real name, and it actually will close an account if they notice the account has a fake name. Twitter doesn’t care about the name you use and allows you to keep your anonymity this way. Twitter’s growth has never stopped, they’re still gaining new users every day and lately they have been trying new ways to monetize their network that are not intrusive for the users. Twitter will never die in my opinion, with apps like Vine and Periscope under their wing, there’s still a bright future for the company.

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