Is People Getting Tired Of Facebook?

Lately I’ve been hearing people say that they’re getting tired of using Facebook and that they’re sure people will soon forget about the social network and move to other platforms. Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Although it is true that teenagers are not using Facebook as they did a few years ago, when the website had exponential growth, people are definitely still using Facebook and they’re not thinking about replacing it with any other social networks. With the growth of Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook has lost some of the incredible growth it used to have but it’s still strong. No matter what you think of the social network, it’s very useful to have all your contacts in one place, even those contacts you don’t see anymore for years.

You know they’re there when you need them. My little brother doesn’t have a Facebook account and when I asked him about it, he said he wasn’t interested in opening one. He uses snapchat all the time and other apps like Vine and Periscope. He has all his friends in those apps and doesn’t feel he needs a Facebook account to stay in touch. I don’t think Facebook will ever convince him to open an account, maybe if they offer something new no one else has, but otherwise I think he will stick to those places. He carries his phone with him all day so it makes sense that those apps are everything he needs. Facebook still has a long way to go before they stop getting new users. New people is entering the Internet everyday and Facebook is there ready to welcome them.

I’ve noticed that they’ve realized that the numbers will stop being so good in the future and they’re trying to improve the user experience by getting rid of all the spam and other annoyances you have to deal with when visiting your profile. They’ve improved the algorithm of the content they show so click-bait articles don’t get in the way of your friends’ updates. This has proven to be a very good choice in their part, at some point using their site was incredibly frustrating. I hope they continue to improve their service and I think they will stay in business for decades, they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

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