Is Paypal Safe When Receiving Money?

I’ve been using Paypal for a few years now and I’d like to tell you about my experience with the online payments service. When I opened my account, I needed to pay a few bills online so I linked it with my credit cards, which is the first step to start using Paypal. That was a fairly quick and easy process and once Paypal checked that everything was in good standing, I was able to use the service without a problem. I never had any issues paying for bills or buying products, and it’s actually better when purchasing items from different websites, instead of having to write down your credit card information every time, you just click on “Pay with Paypal” and you’re redirected to a handy page where after logging in, you’re being told of how much money there is in your account.

Clicking “Pay now” will process the payment and you’re good to go. Then I started using Paypal to receive money and that is also a very convenient feature. When someone wants to send you money, you give them your e-mail address registered at Paypal and the transaction is quick and painless. Again, I had no problems when receiving money through Paypal. I guess things got a little scary when I heard several cases where Paypal would freeze some accounts and wouldn’t let the account owner withdraw the money. Apparently they did this for security reasons, but I thought it was unfair that some people had no way to get their money for long periods of time, just because Paypal was making sure everything was OK.

Some people actually use Paypal as their main payment method and the rely on the service to get their monthly income. If they freeze your account, then it’s impossible for you to get your money until they decide to give it to you. There has been quite a few cases of people who went through this for no reason and had to deal with it. I never had a similar problem, but after hearing about this, I was very cautions when receiving money from another user. I made sure to withdraw all the money in case they decided to freeze the account. I wouldn’t have more than $500 dollars on the account at any given time. To answer the question, yes, Paypal is safe, but it’s important that you’re cautious when using the service.

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