Is Everyone Going To Wear An Apple Watch In The Future?

When the new Apple Watch was announced, there was an overall warm response from the public. While some criticism was expected, the majority seemed interested to own the device. While the first versions of the watch may not be as advanced as the versions planned for the future, many developers have start to show interested in the platform. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have a handy watch that alerts you about a possible health issue days before you actually feel any symptom? It’s like a little personal doctor that follows you everywhere, makes sure your heart is doing OK, that you blood pressure is fine, maybe that the pigment of your skin is not showing any alarming sings, etc. While I’m not sure Apple will be the only one in the market when it comes to advanced watches, I can see that in the future, having one of these devices will be a must for everyone.

Not having it will look weird. People will ask you, “what happened to your watch, is there some kind of problem that explains why you’re not using it?” There will also be people who will not use it because they’ll be afraid to be constantly monitored, since all the information will be stored somewhere. Right now for example, everything you say to Siri is actually uploaded to a server and stored to improve software development. What I think it will be really cool will be all the data that is going to be available because everyone is using a smart watch. Imagine if there’s an outbreak of a disease somewhere. One of the watches first sends an alert about a possible infection, then another alert is sent from another watch that is very close to the location of the first one.

If many alerts are sent from the same region, then the system can conclude that an entire zone has been affected by the outbreak and proper medical measures can be taken. That’s just one example but there are so many possibilities. Imagine that your kid is playing with a little friend and you suddenly notice that his watch turns red. You immediately call his parents and let them now his health is at risk and they should take him to the doctor as soon as possible. This is another possibility from the many that would benefit from having a smart watch. I can’t wait to see all the clever apps that are going to be released for the Apple watch. I think at one point, it will be the number one device, and we’ll consider it more important than our mobile phone.

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