In 10 Years, Self-Driving Cars Will Be Everywhere

Self-driving cars are not exactly new, they’ve been part of our streets for the past few years now. Their technology allows the car to be driven by a computer, without the need of human interaction. It can accomplish all its tasks thanks to the many cameras and sensors that constantly inform the car of its surroundings. When people first hear about self-driving cars, they’re usually quite skeptical about the technology and the possible dangers of having a car being driven by itself. After all, cars are big chunks of metal that can do a lot of damage if they’re not properly guided. But the truth is so far, there has been very few accidents and those have been caused by the involvement of a human.

After the extensive testing and safety measures that are being carried out, it’s fair to say self-driving cars will be available for the general public in a few years from now. At first they will be adopted by a few, but as the technology proves to be successful, the transportation industry will start experiencing dramatic changes. Taxi companies will cut a lot of costs if they fire all their drivers and allow the cars to by driven by a computer. Passengers will actually feel safer, since they know the car is programmed to follow every single traffic rule. I think the early adopters will notice how good they are and this will make them recommend self-driving car to their contacts and friends. And it won’t stop with cars on the road.

Transportation companies will start adopting the technology and one day, every single truck that carries goods will have no driver. And when you think about it, this can also be used in boats that transport goods internationally. One day in the future, we’ll see a person driving a car and we’ll ask them why. “What are you doing there? Why are you wasting your time when you can be doing something else?” I think the adoption of this technology will resemble the adoption of the first cars, back when everyone used a horse to move around. The first cars were seen on the road and most said it would be impossible to replace every single horse. But look what happened then, and the same thing will happen now with self-driving cars.

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