How To Stay Motivated When Working On A New Project

Every time I start working on a new project, I find it exciting not to know where my ideas are going to take me. I feel there are not limits to what I can achieve. But once the project has started and it’s time to work hard on it, sometimes you just don’t find the motivation. My mom used to say “You always start new things, but then you forget about them and move on to something else.” I think this is caused by a lack of motivation when things stop being so exciting and start getting more mundane. One trick that really helps me stay motivated is setting little goals and completing them. It’s important that you start with short term goals and as you complete them, you start setting more long range goals. This technique works wonders.


It’s also important to make the project fun. Those activities that are the most boring should be turned into little games that help keep things exciting. This was one of the recommendations that I just couldn’t understand. I thought that if something was boring, then there was no activity that could make that fun. But I was so wrong. Try it for yourself and see how it can really make a difference. Also making a list with all the reasons you want to accomplish a certain goal helped me focus on what I was doing and why I wanted to do it. Whenever I would lose motivation, I would read that list again and again. It somehow got inside my had and I knew every single item from memory.

Talk with smart people about your goal. Sometimes we have many thoughts inside our heads but they’re compressed into little boxes that we can’t really see. Discussing our ideas with clever people is a good way to open those boxes and see thoughts in your head you didn’t even knew you had. Also, it’s a great way to get new ideas. The advice that results from those conversations is priceless. Stop doing those activities that distract you from your new project, right now is all about staying focused on those goals you want to accomplish. Unfortunately motivation is not something magical, you just can’t make it materialize out of thin air. Some people are fortunate enough to be natural motivated but for those of us who lose interest fast, these tricks can help a lot.

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