How To Know If Your Vine Account Is In Good Standing

If you use Vine regularly, you may have noticed that recently some people has started complaining that they can’t comment on Vines anymore. Whenever you write a comment and want to publish it, the little green arrow at the end of the comment is not clickable. It doesn’t actually changes color and stays gray. If you’re one of the users who have experienced this, your account may not be in good standing. Some accounts require special verification from Vine and until you’ve submitted all the required information, you won’t be able to comment. This has been inconvenient for a lot of people who without any alerts, they found they can’t add any comments anymore. Other functionalities of the app may also be disabled.


The question is, how do you get your account to be in good standing again? Well, it’s not that difficult. You’ll need to go open Vine, go to your profile, which is the icon located at the bottom right of the app. There you’ll see a grey Settings button, it’s the elongated button below you profile picture. When you press it, scroll down until you get to the Account settings. If you notice that next to your e-mail there’s a little exclamation sign, that means that you haven’t verified your e-mail and that may be the cause you’re not able to comment. Write down your real e-mail address and wait until Vine sends you a message with a link that will help you verify your account. Click on the link and your address is now verified.

Below the e-mail address you’ll find your phone number. If there’s nothing there, you’ll have to write down your phone number. It has to be a real cell phone number, since Vine is going to send you a SMS with a code. When you receive the code, press on exclamation mark and you’ll see a pop up that says “Verify Phone.” It has 3 buttons, Send SMS, Enter Code and Cancel. Press the ‘Send SMS’ button and Vine will send the code. Once you receive it on your phone, memorize it or copy it and then press the exclamation mark again. This time you’ll have to press ‘Enter Code’ so you can type it in. After doing that, your account will be in good standing and you’ll be able to add a comment again. Keep in mind that these steps also work on any tablet.

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