How To Cleverly Decorate Candles Using Paper Napkins

Candles are magical, they can create beautiful atmospheres during those special occasions and they also can be inexpensive centerpieces for any festive table. If you are a candle lover, it’s fair to say that this tutorial was specifically made for you. The tutorial uses very simple items that you probably already have somewhere in your house right now. All you will need is an iron, printed paper napkins, and of course, your favorite candles that are the ones that are going to be decorated. After I watched the video, I was very surprised to see how beautiful the decorated candles ended up looking once the whole process was completed. It’s also important to notice how simple the process can be and you won’t even need that much time to achieve the desired result. It’s time to get crafty!

When I was a little kid, I remember to be obsessed with printed paper napkins. My mom would usually use them during birthdays and special occasions and I would always analyse the patterns and drawings they came with. In fact, I became a sort of collector of these napkins and everyone in the family would help my collection by bringing me new napkins during family reunions. I’m not sure why I was so obsessed about them, but there’s something special about the printings that I really liked. If I had known that it was possible to transfer the printed paper napkins patterns onto other surfaces using heat, I would have started to print all the napkins pretty much everywhere. But I had no idea it was possible and it was after watching this video that I discovered the interesting technique.

It’s impressive to see how the candles are transformed from simple and plain to absolutely gorgeous after the napkin patterns are transferred. I love to use candles to give some spaces inside my house a unique ambiance and personality. I usually pick colored candles and mix them together creating an interesting mix that not only looks good visually, it also adds a nice smell to the space. These patterns add an interesting touch to the candles that make them look even more interesting. In the video I noticed that white candles are used, I wonder what happens when you use candles of different colors. Maybe the patterns can be appreciated better if the candles are white or it’s possible that if the candle has a strong color underneath, the pattern from the napkin will create an interesting contrast.

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