How to Choose A Good Domain Name For Your Website

Choosing a good domain name for your site can be a little challenging these days. Most good domains are already taken, actually all the words that you can find on any dictionary are not available anymore. People register domains even if they’re not going to use them, so they can keep them until someone interested pays a little more for them. Choosing a short domain is ideal but unfortunately most domains composed of 4 or 5 letter have already been registered which leaves you no choice but to register a long domain. It was easier to find a good one many years ago, there were many available choices to choose from, but now not so much. You’ve probably heard it before, any good domain is short, easy to remember and it shouldn’t be hard to spell.

One option is to check for the domains that are not renewed and become available again. Those domains were owned by people who intended to use them for a website and then decided not to do it, or by people who thought the name had some value that would possibly sell for some considerable amount of money in the future but that never happened. Although the list of deleted domains often includes short and appealing words, it’s important to remember that these domains had previous owners that may have used them for malicious purposes. Someone could have registered a domain and used it for spam. In this case, you want to stay as far away as possible from the domain. If the domain has been blocked from search engines, then there’s no point in using it.

Things can get worse if the domain was used for some sort of illegal activity. There are many website that will give you information about a domain that has been deleted, but that information sometimes is limited and you don’t get to see if for example, the previous owner used the domain for e-mail spam. The Way Back Machine will instantly let you know if the domain had a functioning website before. If you want to make sure your domain is clean, the best thing to do is to register a domain that has never been registered before. It may be more complicated to find a good one, but once you find it, you don’t have to worry about being possibly banned for ill-natured practices.

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