How The Internet Has Changed Through The Years


I remember when the Internet was the new thing everyone was talking about. Until that point, people would use their computers without an Internet connection and although now the thought of using your PC with no Internet connection sounds like the most boring thing ever, that’s the way we used to do it. Before the Internet became something massive, it already was available in many Universities. It was also available in many other places, but Universities would allow people to give it a try. I remember the first time I accessed the Internet. I did it using a PC with Windows 95, a 24.4kb modem from a University campus. In order to use the Internet I had to sign up to one of their courses, which were available for everyone, I remember I was still on high school.

Before using it, one of the professors gave a quick talk about the things that we were going to see on the Internet after being able to access it. He talked about ‘chat’ and the possibility of talking with someone who lives on the other side of the world, instantly, via text. It seemed like something impossible and exciting at the same time. He also told us about the possibility of using ‘Yahoo’ one of the first available search engines. At the moment, it was the king of the web. It was the fastest way to access the vast amount of information in just a few clicks. The company was getting bigger day by day and their technology was getting smarter. Using Yahoo for the first time was quite the experience, discovering new places on the web was something that seemed magical.

When you tried to load an image, it would take so long to complete. At the time, most images if not all of them, were in .gif format. They only had 256 colors so they lost of their quality on the compression process and they would load very slow. Once you requested an image you would see the first line of it, then 15 seconds later another line and it would take like 5 minutes to see the complete image considering it was small. Bigger images would take even longer. The same struggle got real when dealing with file downloads. The speed was so poor when compared to what we experience today. Downloading a simple 2mb files would take hours if not all day and you had to make sure no one would pick up the phone, otherwise your Internet connection would die and you would need to establish a new one. Oh, the good old Internet days, I don’t miss them but they were awesome.

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