How Do You Imagine The Future Of Facebook?


Everyone I know has a Facebook account. Many of them are active Facebook users who check their profile more than five times a day, while others are not as obsessed. Don’t get me wrong, they do check their accounts but they do so occasionally, if a day passes and they didn’t visit their profile, it’s not the end of the world for them. When you think about the future of Facebook, there are many possibilities that can make the social network even better than it is now. Have you ever thought what would happen with Facebook in the future? Is it still going to be around 50 years from now? Many social networks were able to be successful but they completely disappeared after a few years. Myspace and Friendster come to mind.

They were once considered huge communities that were here to stay. At the peak of their existence everyone would have laughed at you if you told them their days were counted. You’d get the same response now if you tell someone that Facebook will one day disappear. But Facebook is different in many ways. While those communities had users with a certain age range, Facebook has managed to win the approval from people of all ages. My little brother is on Facebook and my grandpa is on Facebook. That’s something priceless that any social network can only dream to accomplish.

Some people say that in 100 years from now, Facebook will be just profiles of dead people. But the thing is, Facebook has become so big, it’s not going away any time soon. If someone would ask me about the future of Google, I’d say “Google is always going to be around, there will always be a need for a good search engine.” And I think the same thing happens with Facebook. People will always need to be connected with others. There have been many new social networks that have tried to challenge Facebook, but it’s too late now. People have already signed up, they have already established connections inside the social network and moving to another site means creating all those connections again. Whether you like it or not, Facebook is here to stay.

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