FL Studio Vs. Logic Pro: The Best Option To Compose Music

FL Studio is a solid option to compose music from scratch. It has been getting better and better as new updates are released. It has also gained more popularity since its adoption by important DJs like Avicii and Martin Garrix who have chosen the program to compose their hits. I started using FL Studio back when it was called Fruityloops. Back then it wasn’t as powerful, it didn’t have as many plugins as it has now and the sounds were a bit more basic. It was hard to make a song sound professional but that is not the case anymore. Logic Pro has been excellent since version 1. The instruments, loops and sounds it comes with are beautiful, the interface is very easy to use and the controls make composing fun and intuitive.

Both programs come with helpful presets that allow you to play with sounds and get that specific tone just the way you want it. Both programs don’t have much of a learning curve, if you’ve never used them before, it won’t take long until you get used to their interface. Now let me tell you what I personally think about them. Using FL Studio is a blast, you have a lot of fun playing with all the settings and sounds. But if you don’t know how to properly master your music, the result is not going to be what you were expecting. Logic Pro is just a fun, I would even dare to say it’s easier to use if you know what you’re doing. But unlike FL Studio, when you finish a project on Logic and press play, the result is very good without refining the sounds at all.

That’s the beauty of Logic, it produces very good results by default. You have to be really bad at creating music to make it sound horrible. If this is going to be the first time creating music and you would like to choose between FL Studio and Logic Pro I would say try them both and see how you feel about them. Personally, I prefer Logic since it does things differently. Since Logic Pro would only run on a Mac, that may actually affect your decision. If you have a PC running Windows then you won’t be able to use Logic Pro. FL Studio runs on both Windows and Macs. New updates keep changing FL Studio and the new improvements that were recently added make me want to go back to FL Studio and compose beautiful music. Both are excellent choices, but if you have to choose one of them, go for Logic Pro.

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