Donald Trump Will Never Be President Of The United States

It doesn’t matter how much money he invests in his campaign, Donald Trump is never going to be our president. Even though he supposedly has chances of running for president and winning the election, everything he’s done so far has been terrible. It all started when he was quotes saying people from Mexico who enter our country without the proper paper work are criminals. That certainly doesn’t help at all when you’re trying to get as many votes as possible. Not only he lost votes with that statement, he also lost the support from big companies like NBC. If you’re running for president you need all the support you can have, every single vote counts.

Many have said Donald Trump actually doesn’t care about winning the presidential election, and his current campaign is actually a publicity stunt to get more people to watch his shows. Although that makes a lot of sense, I don’t think he expected things to go the way they did. In his mind, he might have thought “If I’m really controversial, people will pay more attention to me and that will make me more popular.” But making people hate you is not a good strategy no matter the nature of the campaign you’re involved in.

Even the current president Barack Obama laughed at him during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Not only once, but he actually made many jokes in front of Donald Trump himself. After I watched that video, I thought Donald’s image was never going to be the same. Everyone was laughing in his face. Any respect he had gained over the years by being a successful business man was lost that year. I can’t accurately predict what is going to happens at the end of the presidential elections, but I’m pretty sure Donald Trump will never get a place inside the White House.

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