Can Music Really Improve Worker Productivity?


It’s been discussed many times already. Can music improve worker productivity? Well, I’ve personally had different experiences when it comes to listening to music while at work, that will possibly help you decide if it’s actually a good idea. When I hired my first employees, I decided there was not going to be any music while they were working. In my mind, this decision made a lot of sense since their tasks had a lot to do with editing new content and that required them to be very focused and to also stay away from any distractions. After a few days, one of my employees asked to talk to me and he expressed his thought on the matter. He told me that working without music created a very quiet environment and sometimes it could get a little awkward. He suggested that it would be better for everyone to listen to music while they were working.

I had no objections to his idea. After all, I wanted to do whatever it helped them be more productive at work. So the next day when everyone showed up to work, they noticed that now there was music. At first they all were very happy about the change, some of them even expressed that it was about time I decided to add music to the work environment. I still had my doubts about it but they seemed to be responding quite well to the change so I was happy. But one day, I decided to introduce a new task that it was quite tricky. It required my employees to use their analytical abilities and to be more focused than usual. Their attention to detail was an important element if they wanted to successfully complete the task. All of a sudden, music was no longer welcome. Several employees told me that they had asked their coworkers to turn the music down because it was the only way to be focused.

When their request was denied, they confronted me and told me to tell them to turn the music down or they were not going to be able to complete the task I asked them to do. I was quite surprised about their sudden request. These were the same people that claimed the workplace was boring without music, the ones that were relieved when music was introduced. But now music was a problem and I had to do something about it. I personally can’t work if there’s music playing in the background. I’m the guy who starts to sing along and that usually messes with whatever I’m doing at the moment. I guess it might be a matter of personal preference, but in my experience, if the tasks that your employees are dealing with require them to be focused, music usually gets in the way.

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