Are McDonald’s Burgers Really Bad For Your Child?

When it comes to McDonald’s food, there’s always been criticism about the healthiness of the products being offered at their venues. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always liked to go to McDonald’s. Back in the 90s, people weren’t as opposed to the brand as they are today. Going there and having a happy meal as a child was quite the adventure, it was always a good experience and something I would look forward throughout the entire week. Whenever a kid would get sick after eating a McDonald’s burger, there would be a lot of coverage on the news but I still wouldn’t care. I mean, it was everything, the place, the food, the other kids who were at the other tables, even the scent of the food was something I enjoyed.

As I started to grow up, I stopped going as often. Since my parents weren’t taking me there anymore, I would occasionally eat at the place, but it wasn’t the same anymore. Then the whole scandal started about the company selling unhealthy food to little kids. When this topic is mentioned, I always like to compare eating at McDonald’s with buying a big chocolate bar. If you occasionally do it, it’s going to be OK. But if you do it every single day of your life, you will probably get sick because it will be bad for you. This is something obvious everyone knows but some people like to accuse the company of forcing everyone to eat there.

McDonald’s tried to improve their image by offering healthier food. It is actually possible today to go to one of their locations and eat healthy food. But some parents will never be pleased, no matter what a company does to make them happy. The company is still the fast food king in the market and they’ve been doing better when it comes to being transparent about how the obtain their food and what they do to process it. I think this is a clever strategy that will improve their image in time and make some people reconsider their opinion about eating at McDonald’s.

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