Are DVDs Going To Be Completely Obsolete Soon?

Storage technologies have an interesting timeline. Whenever a new storage device was released in the past, people would include them in their lives for a few years until a new and improved technology replaced it. This has been the case for a long time. When I was born, Vinyls were no longer used, they had been replaced by the cassette that was commercially available everywhere. After a few years, CDs came along and their higher quality quickly started the cassette’s demise. DVDs came later and replaced the VHS tape. And now the same thing is happening, although CDs and DVDs are still in use and you can still easily buy them anywhere, their sales have been in decline, since people prefers to buy their music and movies digitally.

Netflix, iTunes and other services are making it too easy for everyone to instantly watch a movie or hear a song. You don’t have to go to a store, look for what you want, pay for it, go home and enjoy it. Not only that, some apps can let you buy content you didn’t know about until you heard it. That’s exactly what happened to me a few days ago. I was at a restaurant, when a really cool song started playing. Everyone seemed to respond to the song like they knew it, I had no idea who made it but since I had my smart phone with me, I immediately tapped on an app that allow you to identify any song by listening it for a few seconds. The results were successful, I suddenly knew the name of the artist, the name of the song and a convenient link was included so I can buy the song.

That’s what I did. We’re definitely living in the future, before hearing it I had no idea the song even existed, now I own the song and I’ve been listening to other songs from the same artist that I really like. That artist gained a new fan and it was all thanks to an app. CDs and DVDs can’t compete with this kind of technology where everything is immediately available after a few taps on your phone screen. Not only that, but they take space in your home and after a few years, their condition is not the same. My DVD collection doesn’t play as smoothly as it used to do it. Time affects them considerable. That is something we will never have to worry about with digital content, once you purchased it, it’s yours forever and will always maintain the same quality.

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