Apple Need To Include A ‘Back Button’ On All Its Devices

After using Android devices for many years and then switching to Apple, I noticed they are missing one very important feature that makes things a lot easier: the back button. It’s so convenient to have a back button that lets you quickly go back to previous screens. When you’re using an iPhone for example, it’s really inconvenient to use the home button to go back. Not only that, but the home button usually takes you to the desktop, where all the apps are located, and not a few steps back inside the app you’re currently using. I’ve visited a few forums where many Android users who have switched find themselves in need of a back button. I mean, it’s basically the only thing I miss, everything else is right but that specific feature needs to be included in iOS devices.

I’ve noticed that many apple users are against it and that makes me so mad. How can you be against a feature that will save you time and make things a lot easier? They claim the home button is all they need to use their devices and a back button would be a useless feature that no one will actually use. Maybe Apple thinks the same way and that’s the reason they haven’t included it yet. I know there are other ways to go back when using iOS devices, like swiping with your finger, but not all apps support this gesture and it not always works. The only way to go back when using my iPhone is by pressing in the little arrow found at the top left of the app, which is not the best place for that button location in my opinion.

I just think that a real button is needed for this specific function. And the location of that button in Android devices is just perfect. When you go to press it, you don’t even look at it, you know you can easily find it at the bottom right. And it’s not even something that you have to push down in order to make it work, simply touching it will activate its use. I don’t know, maybe I’m asking for something that is not as needed as I think, but you can’t deny the convenience of this button in every Android device. I wish Apple would at least try to include it in a future release of their devices, maybe to just see how people respond to it. I’m sure many will love it.

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