7 Clever And Delicious Ways To Use A Waffle Iron For Foods Other Than Waffles

This is exactly what happens when you cross a waffle iron, yummy foods and a life hack video: pretty much perfection. Did you know there are more uses for a waffle iron than just making the classic waffles we all know and love? In this video, Howdini, the person behind some of the most creative and clever how-to videos on Youtube, brings us seven delicious recipes, from a waffle brownie to a waffle omelette. I had no idea there were so many delicious ways of using a waffle iron. I love it when people get really creative and start trying and demonstrating new ways to make mouth-watering foods, which is exactly what you’re about to see here. You will never look at waffles the same way again and you’ll probably try to make them all, I know I am. Oh my, now I gotta go buy a waffle Iron.

It’s fair to say humans get really creative when they’re hungry. In the history of humanity, it’s been proven that the first humans would come up with really clever ways of hunting for food and avoid getting hurt in the process. We got so good at it, that we started to develop tools that helped us get our food and at the same time we evolved and got smarter. We even used other animals to help us hunt and get our food. At some point, a human being was the first who jumped on top of a horse and decided that it was going to use it as a useful companion. You can find many examples like this of the lengths humans went to sometimes to just get food. As we got smarted, we started to ‘play with our food’ and it wasn’t enough to just cook it and eat it, we wanted to make it taste better.

I’m pretty sure some of the first cooks got really popular. They were the first who delighted their family and friends with new flavors never tasted before. They were people who weren’t satisfied with settling for the common flavors and decided to mix other foods and ingredients in order to come up with a new taste that was more enjoyable and satisfying. Today our taste has become more sophisticated and we even go as far as not eat anything that is not cooked before and properly seasoned. Our eating habits continue to gradually change in order to adopt healthier and better food intakes. The food market tries to keep up with the demand of healthier foods that are becoming more popular each day. I’m glad the new trend of healthier and organic foods is becoming more popular each day.

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