This Elephant Was Caught on CCTV Doing Something No Other Elephant Does

Everyone already knows that elephants are one of the most incredibly smart species on earth, and sometimes they can have unexpected behaviors that surprise us. The following video was captured by a surveillance camera at the Thornhill Safari Lodge in South Africa. When the technicians checked the footage and saw the elephant doing something completely unexpected, they couldn’t believe their eyes. I was aware that elephants had excellent memory and that their brains are advanced enough to communicate and solve different problems but I had no idea they also did stuff like this. Apparently this elephant doesn’t like trash in his park at all, and he knows exactly what to do with the residues that are thrown by the visitors. We should all take example from this majestic creature.

It’s really amazing to see that some animals are in fact better than humans, I guess they can teach us how to look after our own planet after all. If an elephant can grab trash from the floor using his trunk and then put that trash in the appropriate bin, why is it that some people can’t do the same? Nature keeps on surprising me, maybe our planet will be better off without us. It’s unclear if this elephant saw people throwing trash in the bin and then decided to copy the same action. Or maybe he is bothered by the trash on the ground and he prefers to clean the place by itself since apparently no one else was doing it. No matter the reason, it’s clear this animal has better manners than some people I know. When it comes to humans, it’s not about intelligence, it’s about education.

Although people are told about the importance of taking care of the planet and keeping the earth clean since elementary school, many seem to quickly forget about it. Our own governments look the other way when people complain about the big companies that are harming the planet with their harmful toxics. Companies like BP keep on damaging the ecosystem with their oil spill and there’s no one doing anything to stop them. BP has killed millions of animals that live in the sea, it has contaminated hundreds of beaches with tar balls and the worst part is, the spill continue to happen and they don’t have a clear plan to avoid them. They just make a mess first and then promise to clean it but that can take years and severely impact the ecosystem. I hope we learn from this elephant and become better people.

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