This Dad Gave Their Kids Terrible Christmas Gifts, Their Reactions Are Priceless

One of Jimmy Kimmel’s most popular segments is ‘I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present’. Kimmel asks parents to film their kid’s reactions while they give them the worst imaginable gifts ever. Well, many decided to accept the challenge and there were some priceless submissions. Like the one this one dad sent that is absolutely hilarious. When he first saw Jimmy made the announcement, he decided to join the initiative and gave his kids some early Christmas presents. He had a son and a daughter who love electronic devices so he came up with a brilliant plan to surprise his kids and capture their reaction on video. I guess he was pretty sure his kids were going to get mad but what he was not expecting was their actual reactions. He’s clearly doing a great job as a parent!

I can’t believe the reactions of these two siblings. As soon as I noticed they were so happy about opening presents earlier, I could only think about how disappointed they were going to be once they realized what the presents were all about. Their actual reactions completely caught me off guard. The little girl didn’t even know what she was getting, she even mentioned it was a pumpkin but she was still happy about her present. The boy immediately realized it was a banana and his face of happiness made my day. Even after the joke was over, they remained surprised about their presents. This is pretty much parenting at its best. These parents are doing it right and it’s easy to realize these kids are going to grow up and be responsible adults with good values.

Kids nowadays are a little spoiled and if you do a quick search on Youtube, it won’t take long to find videos of kids who are completely disappointed when their parents buy them expensive electronics that don’t meet their standards. Apparently, there are kids who expect to receive the latest version of a mobile phone and if their parents buy them a previous one, they will be disappointed and angry. Some kids even yell at their parents for not getting them what they exactly wanted. Watching a few minutes of those videos is enough to appreciate how good these two kids were raised. Christmas is supposed to be about sharing precious moments with your family, having fun with your friends and enjoying the moment. Presents are OK, but they shouldn’t be the most important thing about the holiday.

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