After Watching This Video I’ll Never Wrap Presents The Same Way Again

If you’re anything like me, and you love a perfectly wrapped gift that looks like it was made by a professional gift-wrapper, then you can’t miss this short video that shows a very creative and clever way to wrap gifts. The Japanese are well known for their efficiency, their love of perfection, their attention to detail and their obsession with a good presentation. Pay attention to the way this man wraps a present, although it looks simple as he shows how to do it, the result is just marvelous and I can’t wait to try it myself. Keep your eyes on his hand movements and his precise technique, I couldn’t believe he ended up with such a professional looking present. He places the package, and just with a few movements the present is wrapped and ready for a spot under the Christmas tree.

There are many way to correctly wrap a present. Some people like to take the time to carefully fold the wrapping paper and they do end up with a good result but it may take too long to achieve it. Others just don’t care if the present looks good, they just do it fast and as best as they can, if the package is completely covered they consider their job done. I prefer to make my presents look nice, I think the person that receives the present will appreciate that you took the time to make their gift look nice and tidy. But there are occasions where there’s not enough time to be careful and we end up rushing the whole process. Christmas is a good example of such an occasion. There are usually so many gifts to wrap, and so other things to deal with, we usually wrap all the presents as best as we can with the time that we have.

That is why this video offers such a good method of wrapping presents that won’t take long and with the correct amount of practice, it would make anyone an expert gift wrapper. I love how the Japanese are always coming up with new ways of doing everyday stuff. They’re experts at saving time and being precise with the activities they conduct. I’m not sure if the method can be applied to gift of all sizes, since the folding seems to be limited to a certain size. I guess it’s just a matter of trying the method and seeing if it can work with bigger boxes. For some reason, every year I end up wrapping all the gifts at the last minute, hours before Christmas dinner. It is at those times of desperation that a method like the one shown in the video can be really helpful.

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